Day 2

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From the journal of Jordyn:

Today was quite an adventurous day! We woke up early this morning once again to the sounds of the roosters and dogs barking. We all got fancied up and went to mass about 7:15 am. Mass was definitely interesting and I only caught on to some Spanish sentences, but it was super amazing to be a part of and also see how many people show up to mass. We were grateful we got there early because people were having to listen to mass outside the church because there were a ton of people there. After mass, we went to eat breakfast which was pancakes, and they were super delicious. Next, we exchanged our money into quetzals and next headed to the beach area where we got onto our boat named “Esther” to go on a boat tour of the surrounding places. Our first stop was Santiago which was absolutely beautiful and full of shops and a huge market. We tried to go into a church there to see where Santiago Rother was martyred. Santiago was a priest from Oklahoma City who was martyred in 1981 in the Santiago village where he ministered. After we did tons of shopping and bought lots of beautiful things. Next, we hopped back on our boat and went panajaches which to be honest none of us know how to pronounce it and I had to look it up to know how to spell it. Hahaha…. Anyways we once again walked around the markets and bought more souvenirs. Then we were all getting a bit “hangry” and sat down at a restaurant on the lake to eat. For some reason, it took quite a while to get our drinks and food but in my opinion the view made up for it. Our last stop was San Antonio which is a very small village, but we walked up a VERY crazy steep hill to get to the church which was once again, like so many things in Guatemala, BEAUTIFUL. The view from the church looks straight over Lake Atitlan. We also took some crazy narrow paths between houses to get to a pottery shop which was really cool. After a pretty long morning, we headed back to San Lucas and hung out for a while until dinner. For dinner, we had bread like at every meal and some rice and chicken. We also got to have some really great chocolate cake because it was two peoples birthdays. Tonight, we also had our second dish duty and we sang our way through it so it was super fun! To wrap up our night we had a really relaxing talk and prayed together about our adventures for tomorrow which all of us are so, so excited for! All of us are ready for another amazing day in this great place and we continue to praise God for everything he has given us and for bringing us to this place to spread the love He has taught us to share!