Giving Back

 In Accessories

From the journal of Jordyn:

Today was a pretty busy day starting out with oatmeal, which none of us were terribly excited about… but after breakfast half of us, including Courtney, Kia, Cameron, Mary, and myself, went shopping with the charity coordinator, Emi, to purchase a bunch of food and traditional women’s outfits for some families in need. We ended up putting together 10 bags full of rice, beans, soap, soup packets, and corn along with buy 4 full traditional outfits including a skirt, belt, and shirt for the women. While we were busy shopping, Pete, Dolly, and Renee worked super hard clearing the land where the block house we funded is starting to be built. After our busy mornings, we all met up at the women’s center where they prepared us a traditional meal with soup, vegetables, bread, and a pineapple and papaya juice drink. We finished that all off with a SUPER good strawberry pie. After our lunch, we helped out at the school tying more rebar! To finish off our activities for the day, we joined the locals in playing a game of soccer before dinner. After the game, we once again met up with Emi and got to meet the women that were receiving our gifts. It was so humbling for me to see how grateful they were, and it was so sweet when they came up and gave us all hugs and some kisses on our cheeks. For dinner, we had a form of spaghetti and some salad and, yep you guessed! Another serving of bread. After dinner, some of us decided on getting ice cream, which if you can’t tell, has become a regular thing. So Pete, Courtney, Renee, Mary, and I all went for ice cream, and we only had one tragedy which was when Peter dropped his ice cream on the ground. But other than that, it was once again a successful trip! As I sit here writing this, after another amazing day, I can’t help to think about our departure soon. Even though we have been here a short time, I can already see how much of an impact it has had on me, and how I already have a special place for it in my heart. I cannot wait to go home to my family, but I am already wondering when I will return to this beautiful place. I know that God is going to make our last days very memorable, and I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings!