Our Adventure Begins

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“If you want God to hear your prayers, hear the voice of the poor. If you wish God to anticipate your wants, provide those of the needy without waiting for them to ask you.” – St. Thomas of Villanova


This morning at 5 AM, our ladies from St. Mary’s started their next big adventure to Guatemala! Excited, but sleepy, they successfully navigated their way through the Omaha and Huston airports without a hitch. Each of them had their own image of what they would see, who they’d meet, and what kind of work they’d do. Conversation tended to turn into lists of “What ifs” and “Do you thinks”, which were answered with a hearty and cheerful “I don’t know”. While their travels were long today, their hearts are joyous and full of anticipation for the days to come.


From the journal of Cameron:

Our 2018 Guatemala adventure is underway. After a late night car ride to Omaha and not getting much sleep, we were all pretty tired getting on the plan at 5:30 this morning. A few of us slept on the way to Houston, but the rest of us were able to watch a beautiful sunrise outside our windows. It was 42° when we landed in Texas. We had a layover of one hour, so we used our time to grab a 9 am lunch. We boarded a much bigger plain that will deliver us to Guatemala City at about 12:30. There has been a fair amount of turbulence, so please mind my handwriting. So far we have enjoyed our time together and we can’t wait for what our time in Guatemala will bring. (10:33 AM – after departure from Houston)


At 12:38 pm we flew into Guatemala City. At 55° we were pretty happy with the change in weather compared to home. All of our luggage made it, thankfully. Customs flew by, but none of us had to tear apart our bags and put them back together. We found a little corner right inside the exit of the airport to get everything together. We started a game of UNO until we decided to go outside and check if our van was there. Right outside the airport we met up with 3 other people that would be going to the mission. Don, Donna, and Debbie from New York state. When our van arrived we packed in all of our stuff and waited about 1 hour for Dolly and her son Peter to arrive. 10 minutes into the drive I knew I would have a hard time holding my bladder, even though I used the bathroom 20 minutes before we left the airport. Luckily I made it the next 3 hours to San Lucas Tolimán. We were all relieved to get off our bumpy van. Dinner was simple, but good. After we ate, a volunteer went over some rules of the mission with us. We’re ready to get our hands dirty! (8:52 PM San Lucas Tolimán)