Stars, Rocks, and Cuisine

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Can you believe it? Our St. Mary’s team started their Guatemalan adventures a week ago, and they’ve seen and explored so much! From interacting with the local people, to building homes, exploring the countryside, picking coffee, trying local cuisine, and so much more, these girls have been busy and are loving every minute of it.


From the journal of Cameron:


The alarm went off at 4:15 this morning. Peter, Kia, Renee, and I piled into a fruit truck at 4:30 along with the St. Thomas group. We took a very bumpy road up to our trail and hopped off the truck around 5 am. The stars were really poppin without the distraction of city lights. Our destination was a white cross on the side of the mountain. We enjoyed watching the mountains in the distance. After admiring the views for 45 minutes, we made a much quicker trip back down the mountain (we only fell a few times, haha!) We were dropped off at the church just in time for breakfast and coffee. We gathered our things after we ate, and headed out to continue the building process on our house. When we arrived, we split into two groups, half of us worked on one house and the other half on another. My group consisted of Renee, Mary, Kia, and myself. We spent our morning digging a 1 ½ ft trench. It may sound simple until you run into huge rocks that block your shovel from going deeper. Kia and I were able to practice quite a bit of Spanish with the locals, as well as teaching Renee and Mary a few words along the way. When we met back up with the other half of the group, we worked with them for a few minutes and headed back for lunch. We ate quick, did the dishes, and grabbed another truck to take us to Santiago. We used our time mostly for shopping, but we also found some delicious iced coffee and an out of the ordinary type of pizza. My mom and I enjoyed looking at paintings and talking to the artist about their work. Our truck ride home was packed full, and we made it back in time to clean up a bit before dinner. At dinner, we shared laughs with two of the long-term volunteers, Alex and Heather, while telling stories from the day and the past week. After a delicious meal, we watched a good informational video about the martyred Father Stanley Rother. Our group likes to end our days with reflection and prayer, so Mary led us through another quiet time. Tomorrow, our plan is to work on the houses in the morning and go to the women’s’ center in the afternoon.